Take a Chance on a Match in Time for the New Year

new car

When your drive a car off the dealer’s lot it still has that awesome “new car” smell and there is nothing better to do than take it out on the open road to enjoy its feel and the smooth ride, comfortable seats and great stereo.  But that kind of a drive is even more pleasant when you bring along your favorite companion.  The feel of having a special person enjoying the pleasure of riding along as you drive your new vehicle on its first real long open road journey is exhilarating.

If you don’t have anyone to share that feeling with yet, it is time you began searching for some candidates who might qualify for the role as the occupant of the VIP seat in your new vehicle.  Since the companion passenger is someone whom you want to be most selective about you might take advantage of Match.com to screen those candidates who have the most potential to occupy the right-hand seat of your new car.  By reviewing the profiles of those individuals that Match.com pairs with yours you can develop an idea of who might be desirable.  And when you take a few moments to chat with those potential matches you can get a better sense of who you’d like to meet.

Of course, not everyone who passes your first review will make the grade.  But once you’ve communicated with several candidates, you might have a better sense of your compatibility. Use the tools and tips offered on the site.  They help you dig deep into the psyche of the matches you accept.   However, your initial meet should take place at a site where you and your partner will feel comfortable and safe; like a good library, lunch cafeteria or other place where there are others and there is reliable security.  Individual meetings alone together – should not take place until you are confident that this someone you can trust as well as someone you are compatible with.  That is why you should initiate this process now by joining Match.com; use a Groupon coupon to take advantage of the discount they offer for first year membership.  Then continue your arrangements for your new car purchase.  Ideally, you’ll have your car in time for your new companion to sit in that VIP seat. And if you act now you’ll already know what you’ll be doing for New Year’s Eve.